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Red Door for Women 3 Piece Set Includes :  1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray + 0.33 oz Mini + 3.3 oz Body Cream

Red Door for Women 3 Piece Set Includes : 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray + 0.33 oz Mini + 3.3 oz Body Cream

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Red Door for Women 3 Piece Set Includes : 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray + 0.33 oz Mini + 3.3 oz Body Cream

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Brand Elizabeth Arden
  1. . review by Colleen Streetman on 6/23/2018
    Average customer rating

    I've been using this scent for over 30 years, Love it and get compliments all the time. My hubby loves it as well. Red Door will be my scent of choice forever I am now 63.

  2. . review by Dianna Courville on 10/8/2017
    Average customer rating

    I DO NOT like the new Red Door....perfer the old one best !!!! PLEASE bring back my old Red Door...the new RED DOOR in the red bottle with square windows on front does mot smell as good as the old one in the gold clear bottle,people always stopped me to ask me what I have on,everyone loved it,but now the newer one stinks on me,i hate it !

  3. . review by Norma H Johnston on 8/22/2017
    Average customer rating

    Many complements on the aroma.

  4. . review by Norma Myers on 11/5/2016
    Average customer rating

    I too have been using Red door since I was a teenager. I am 53 now. Have tried other perfumes, always come back to Red door. Always get compliments on the smell. What I really like is when I put it on I don't smell it anymore but everyone does. My choice for life. Love me some RED DOOR!!

  5. . review by Susan Thompson on 9/17/2016
    Average customer rating

    I have been using Red Door for years. I usually buy it at Sam's Club, when I can afford it. My 7 yr old granddaughter says it' Grammie's smell, she knows I'm near when she can smell it.

  6. . review by Suzanne on 3/18/2016
    Average customer rating

    Red Door is my fragrance of choice and has been for more than 20 years. I have yet to find anything else that I would want to try. I always get compliments on it. Along with OPI I am not really a waitress my days are red and fun.

  7. . review by s rivers on 3/31/2015
    Average customer rating

    i too have been using red door for over 25yrs - i never tire and i am known for the scent - when i am finally seen i am always greeted with "i know when you're here, i smelled you" - even during freezing chicago winters passers-by either say i smell good and/or ask what is the fragrance? - many women say they use red door but it doesn't smell on them, the way it does on me, I HAVE FOUND MY MATCH!

  8. . review by Mark on 12/13/2014
    Average customer rating

    My wife loves Red Door and always buys it and I think pays to much for it. I love the price here and she loved the Red Door. The smell is awesome and seems to stay on her a long time. I have recommended this store to purchase cologne for others also.

  9. . review by Pat on 11/26/2014
    Average customer rating

    Have used Red Door only for about 25 years and would use nothing else.

  10. . review by Thrilled in Okl on 11/19/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use it daily. I ordered a tester and was very surprised at the bottle. It is pretty so it can sit out of the cabinet. [...]

  11. . review by DedraLee683 on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    We all use scented products as we get ready for the day, i.e., soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. This is a wonderful "layering" fragrance. Red Door layers over these scents very is never overpowering. I use it first thing in the morning, and also when I want to freshen during the day. Seems you can never put on too much. I am always getting compliments from people when I pass them

  12. . review by DeDraLee on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    I love this fragrance. I have tried many others, however, I keep coming back to Red Door. Not only is it light and clean smelling without being overpowering, I get complimented every time I wear it. [...]

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